Welcome to the home page for Project BurnSat™ - the Interpreter Job Satisfaction & Burnout Research Site. 

The goal is for this to be a very fluid website for the study of interpreter satisfaction and burnout.  Have a look around, and feel free to drop me your comments.

Daniel B. Swartz, Ph.D., CI, CT

Why BurnSat™

My interest in interpreter job satisfaction and burnout was sparked shortly after I started studying the art of interpreting back in the 1980s.  While in Gallaudet's ITP I was shocked by the number of interpreters I met (in my practicum experiences and elsewhere) who were burned out, and readily admitted it.  As a fledgling interpreter I would not allow these remarks to sully my impression of the profession that I was all googly-eyed over.  But always kept them in the back of my mind.

My fascination with burnout and satisfaction played out daily as I ran an interpreter referral agency in Maryland for about 7 years in the 1990s.  This led to my doctoral research on job satisfaction and burnout, and continues with post-doctoral research in this very area.  

I believe it is critical that the profession, and public it serves, understand the very nature of these two components of the art of interpreting.   

This website is a testament to my continued research, as well as the research of others in this area and related areas.

BurnSat™ is dedicated to the sharing of information related to:

Published and unpublished papers on the satisfaction and burnout
Projects by myself and others
Statistics of interest
Working conditions
Tips and tricks for maximizing satisfaction and minimizing burnout
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