Cultural Implications of Audiological Deficits on the Homosexual Male


The purpose of this research was to examine differences between normal-hearing, hard-of-hearing, and deaf homosexual males regarding their perceived identity and attitudes within multi-faceted, socio-cultural constraints. Differences with regard to self-perception, identity, and attitudes were noted between groups. Many of these disparities can be attributed to socio-cultural norms, as well as established hierarchies of interpersonal and intrapersonal identity expression, with clear definition along audiological boundaries. It was expected that hearing-impaired individuals from hearing-impaired familial backgrounds would have more positive attitudes and perceptions than hearing individuals from hearing familial backgrounds.

The data collected demonstrates that hard-of-hearing male homosexuals had the most positive attitudes and perceptions, with hearing and deaf male homosexuals of homogeneous familial backgrounds reporting more negative attitudes and perceptions.

Swartz, D.B. (1993). Cultural Implications of Audiological Deficits on the Homosexual Male.  Paper presented at Quad-S Conference, Penn State University, State College, Pennsylvania,  1993.  Also appeared in Journal on Sexuality and Disability. (40 pages)

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