Bidding & Winning Government Contracts

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As our professional becomes more sophisticated, we are now faced with more refined methods in scoping out RFQs/RFPs, and placing bids on the same.  Initially, government agencies simply issued elementary RFQs/RFPs with little thought to the actual competitive bidding process, and little inclusion of facets governing the actual process of interpretation delivery and quality of the same.  

Today, government agencies, both state and federal, have “come of age,” and are demanding strict adherence to elaborate “Scopes of Work” in their RFQs/RFPs.  It is prudent for interpreters in private practice, and agencies who secure interpreting work for their agencies/employees, to better understand the process of bidding. 

Though this guide is written specifically for professionals in the United States, applications may be made to government procurement in other countries where competitive bidding is prevalent.

Written and presented by Daniel B. Swartz, Ph.D., CI, CT , highly successful entrepreneur and past owner of a successful interpreter referral agency in the U.S.  Dan will guide you through all phases of the process, including finding RFQs/RFPs, understanding the language in RFQs/RFPs, developing a “boilerplate” quotation/proposal, estimating costs and profit margin, composing the final product, and surviving the evaluation phase.


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