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Empirical Research

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Business Development

Nuts & Bolts CD

This CD is chock full of information and documents to help you, as an interpreter or agency, do your job more effectively and efficiently - only $14.95!

Interpreter Referral Database Entry

This is a custom designed Microsoft Access database written for entry of jobs for your agency, no matter the size.  You can generate custom reports and schedules based upon your criteria.

How to Bid & Win Government Contracts

In production - coming soon!
Today, government agencies, both state and federal, have “come of age,” and are demanding strict adherence to elaborate “Scopes of Work” in their RFQs/RFPs.  It is prudent for interpreters in private practice, and agencies who secure interpreting work for their agencies/employees, to better understand the process of bidding. 

Professional Development

Interpreter Burnout

This is the CD of the PowerPoint presentation given at the 2001 RID conference in Orlando, Florida USA.

Interpreter Training Program

This publication will assist you in developing a training program for staff interpreters

Empirical Research

Interpreter Job Satisfaction

This is the doctoral dissertation of Daniel B. Swartz, Ph.D., CI, CT, presented to Capella University, Minneapolis, Minnesota USA, 1999.  

Effective Techniques in Treating Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse: Problematic Areas in their Application to the Deaf Population

Examination of treatment factors for deaf children who have suffered sexual abuse, 1992.

Problematic Areas in the Implementation of Behavioral Modification Techniques in Treating Deaf Alcoholics

Problems exist in identifying and treating deaf alcoholics and substance abusers, 1992.  

Cultural Implications of Audiological Deficits on the Homosexual Male

Swartz, D.B. (1993).  Paper presented at Quad-S (Society for the Scientific Study of Sex) Conference, Penn State University, State College, Pennsylvania,  1993.  Also appeared in Journal on Sexuality and Disability (40 pages).

Perceptions & Attitudes of Interpreters with Regard to Sexual Orientation

Swartz, D.B. (1993).  Paper presented at RID Biennial Convention, Evanston, Indiana, 1993.  (57 pages) Acknowledging the lack of information regarding the interpreting profession and its perceptions, misconceptions, and overall understanding of homosexuality, the purpose of this research was to obtain empirical evidence regarding differences among homosexual and heterosexual interpreters regarding their perceived identity and attitudes within multi-faceted, socio-cultural constraints.