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These papers and websites/publications relate to stress, burnout, satisfaction and related factors concerning the interpreter and their role in the communication process.

Those specifically related to interpreting are identified with an asterisk - *.

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Articles & Publications

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*Considerations when working with interpreters. By: Hwa-Froelich DA. COMMUN DISORD Q, 2003 Winter; 24(2): 78-85 (journal article - tables/charts) HTML
*Educational interpreting: understanding the rural experience. By: Yarger CC. AM ANN DEAF, 2001 Mar; 146(1): 16-30 (journal article - questionnaire/scale, research, tables/charts) HTML

*Impact of sign language interpreter and therapist moods on deaf recipient mood. Brunson, Julianne Gold; Lawrence, P. Scott; Professional Psychology: Research & Practice, Vol 33(6), Dec 2002. pp. 576-580.

*Information Transmission in Bilingual, Bicultural Contexts: A Field Study of Community Health Nurses and Interpreters. By: Hatton, Diane C.; Webb, Teresa. Journal of Community Health Nursing, 1993, Vol. 10 Issue 3, p137, 11p; (AN 7444336) HTML
*Interpreting in mental health settings: Issues and concerns. Vernon, McCay; Miller, Katrina; American Annals of the Deaf, Vol 146(5), Dec 2001. pp. 429-433. [Journal Article] HTML
*Mental health experiences and deafness: personal and legal perspectives. By: DeVinney J. PSYCHIATR REHABIL J, 2002 Winter; 25(3): 304-9 (journal article - legal cases, research) HTML

*Davidson, B. Questions in cross-linguistic medical encounters: the role of the hosptial interpreter. Anthropological Quarterly v. 74 no. 4 (October 2001) p. 170-8

The Relationship Between Work Status Congruence and Work-Related Attitudes and Behaviors. By: Holtom, Brooks C.; Lee, Thomas W.; Tidd, Simon T.; Source: Journal of Applied Psychology. Vol. 87 (5) October 2002, pp. 903-915 HTML
*The Role of the Sign Language Interpreter in Psychotherapy by Asa DeMatteo, Ph.D., Daniel Veltri, CSC, S. Margaret Lee, Ph.D., University of California, San Francisco, Center on Deafness (Document size - 497509 bytes) PDF

Role stressors, burnout, mediators, and job satisfaction:... By: Um, Myung-Yong; Harrison, Dianne F.. Social Work Research, Jun98, Vol. 22 Issue 2, p100, 16p, 4 charts, 2 diagrams; (AN 733731)

*Working with the sign language interpreter in your classroom. By: Siple, Linda A.. College Teaching, Fall93, Vol. 41 Issue 4, p139, 4p; (AN 9706113838) HTML
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